How To Converse With God

Would you like to hear from God?

Then call thou, and I will answer: or let me speak, and answer thou me. – Job 13:22

This is a great day to get into the Word of God, and relax and think about this sermon. Go and get your bible, pad, and pen. Take some good notes, and then apply them to your life.

Below is a 48 minutes of learning how to hear God’s voice. Charles Spurgeon will show you things in which you will help you to converse with God, according to Job 13:22. The text brings out a thought which Spurgeon wish to convey to you ‘called out and i will answer’ or ‘let me speak and ‘answered thou me.’ May the Holy Spirit bless our meditation. The three points in this sermon will be two methods of secret converse call ‘though and i will answer ‘ or ‘let me speak and answer me.’ Secondly, the method of combining the two and here we shall try to show how the two modes of converse should be united in our communion with God. Thirdly, we shall show how these two modes of fellowship are realized to the full in the person of our Lord Jesus Christ who is our answer to God and God’s answer to us.

Are you ready to learn? Get this inspired words deep down in your spirit. Let’s get started:

God never speaks in vain

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