Grateful Quote by Mother Basilea Schlink

” This heart is revealed to the grateful. ‘Give thanks in all circumstances’, says Scripture, ‘for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you’ (1 Thessalonians 5: 18).

God wants to turn us into grateful people! God calls into existence things-including our gratitude-that do not exist. He will form in us new creations, grateful hearts that will also be humble, joyful and loving. The grateful are always loving. They want to repay those who have done good things for them and made them happy. What a divine radiance lies upon the grateful; the radiance of the kingdom of heaven, for above we will give thanks to God and adore Him without end for all the good that He has done for us. But we will only be there if we have learned how to give thanks here.

Is there anyone who would like to close the door to heaven for himself by being ungrateful? If not, fight the good fight of faith against the sin of ingratitude, and heaven, where joy and love reign, will be opened for you here on earth.” – Mother Basilea Schlink

Author: Mother Basilea, born Klara Schlink (October 21, 1904, in Darmstadt, Germany – March 21, 2001, in Darmstadt) was a German religious leader and writer. She was leader of the Evangelical Sisterhood of Mary, which she cofounded, from 1947 to 2001.


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