Authentic Worship Quote by Herbert Bateman IV

“…authentic worship is not a commodity; it is not a preoccupation with luring people into our service; and it is not a preoccupation with satisfying or appeasing generational likes and dislikes. Authentic worship is first and foremost about God.” – Herb Bateman

About Author: Herb Bateman, born Herbert Bateman IV, is an American New Testament scholar from South Jersey. A graduate of Cairn University, where he opted to complete his third year of undergraduate study at the Jerusalem University College, Israel; Bateman earned a four year Masters of Theology and a subsequent Ph.D. from Dallas Theological Seminary, where his 1993 doctoral dissertation was awarded the William M. Anderson Scholarship Award for maintaining the highest standards of excellence throughout the Ph.D. program. Since then he has completed postdoctoral studies at the University of Notre Dame. Bateman has published fifteen books and numerous articles and book reviews. Among his most recent books are Jude for the Evangelical Exegetical Commentary Series, Interpreting the General Letters in Kregel’s Exegetical Handbook Series, Translating 2 and 3 John Clause by Clause in the eBook for Translating the New Testament Series co-authored with Aaron C. Peer, and Jesus the Messiah co-authored with Darrell L. Bock and Gordon H. Johnston. He is married to Cindy Ann Bateman, and they have a daughter named , Leah, who is married to Travis Price from Arlington, Texas.

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