Improve Your Vision Through Praise

Today is a day to get your mind off of yourself and over on Jesus, our Savior, and your Heavenly Daddy, Elohim:

Praise and Worship  is the language of heaven, and plus, we are commanded to praise the Lord – saved and unsaved! It does matter who or what you are, you are to praise the Creator, according to Psalms 148.

I have something for you to think about giving thanks and praise to the Godhead – Father God, Son and Savior, Jesus Christ, and Holy Ghost. They are equal in one essence, and can be praised as one; For God is Father. God is Son. God is Holy Ghost. All called the Trinity; being one substance with the God, Elohim. So, you can praise the Godhead without any doubt, but with the focus on the Father and Son. I wished that I had time to expound on the Trinity with a little more clarity, but I do not. Please look this up for yourself and learn who and why you are worshipping. Will you do that? Or just stay informed with this site, as I continue to express the need to and the command of praise and worship towards God. If this is you first time with us, please view my archives. They are very informative, so check them out ok!

Today is a day of improving your view; how do you see your problems, situations, or circumstances? After reading why you should praise the Father,the Son, and Holy Spirit. I will ask you an important question. Let’s get started:

Praise the Father for His…

Creative power Isaiah 44:24

Sustaining power Isaiah 40:26

Sovereign power Psalm 89:9; & Psalm 97:5

Rescuing power Psalm 40:2

Protective power Psalm 18:2 & Psalm 36:7

Unmatched power Deuteronomy 3:24

Unlimited power 1 Samuel 14:6

Unbounded power 2 Chronicles 2:6


Praise the Father because…

He is faithful through the years Isaiah 46:3,4

His name lives forever Psalm 135:13

He is always reliable Genesis 28:15

His Word stands forever Isaiah 40:8

His promises never fail Joshua 23:14

He does not lie Numbers 23:19

He is forever faithful Psalm 117:2

His plans stand firm Psalm 33:11

He is our refuge Deuteronomy 33:27


Praise our AWESOME Father who…

Sees deep within 1 Chronicles 28:9

Sees the end from the beginning Isaiah 46:10

Sees everything Hebrews 4:13

Is light 1 John 1:5

Is unsearchable Romans 11:33


Praise our righteous heavenly Father who is…

Like a mighty mountain Psalm 36:6

Solid as a rock Deuteronomy 32:4

Ever ready Psalm 48:10

Intensely holy Habbakuk 1:13


Praise our compassionate Father whose love is…

Deep and wide Psalm 103:11

Steadfast Isaiah 54:10

Priceless Psalm 36:7

Better than life Psalm 63:3

Abounding Psalm 86:5

Fulfilling Psalm 84:10


Praise our merciful Savior who…

Forgiveness Nehemiah 9:17

Favors Psalm 30:5

Delights to show mercy Micah 7:18

Is ingenious 2 Samuel 14:14

Is on our side Psalm 56:9


Praise our Holy Spirit of truth who…

Teach us how to have the victory Luke 12:12

Comforts us in times of sorrow John 14:26

Help us to recalls details John 14:26

Enable us to speak our heavenly language Acts 2:4

There are many others scriptures for you to praise God for, so I know that if you start believing and trusting in God and Jesus more. Your problems will seem small. Why? Because your soul will ascend to where God is in your praise, as you look back at them, they will become grasshoppers in your sight and your vision will change for the better.


Just think about it here for a moment…

Now go outside to the tallest building that you know of (must be over 3 stories to try this), and go to the roof of that building (other examples, balconies, spiral staircase, visit skyscrapers, like the empire state building.)  Now, look down…

What do you see? A very small problem, A very small situation, A very small circumstance!

The higher you are up (meaning stories of the building), your big problem become very small or very tiny. That’s how our problems will be if we praise our God like never before! They will be small in our eyes. Amen.

Watch this praise song, and then praise him:


Praise will improve your vision, and then you will see things the way God see them – Nothing is impossible with Him (Luke 1:37).

If this is true to you, can you say and believe that all things are possible with God on your side?

Until next time, continue to be blessed and Praise the Lord!


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