A Biological Drive to Worship

Join Me in Praise and Worship Today!

Do you think you can follow me in giving God or our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ a hardy praise of worship? It will be like Simon-Says. You will repeat after me, if you are a Babe in Christ. For the Mature in Christ, I will start and you will continue after reading mine for encouragement. Ok!

Are you reading my brother/sister?

Lord, You are Great, and I will praise You!
I will worship You Lord!
I love my husband, but I love you more Lord!
Intimacy with You is what I desire.
I will honor and love you forevermore.
Glory to the King!

Playing “Simon-Says”, did it encourage your heart to praise God more and more each day? I really do hope so. I just wanted you to know that praising the Lord is easy and can be done each day in our obedient to Him – just like a child to their parent.

Glory I Will Worship The King

Worship is in our nature. Instinct is the inborn disposition of a living organism toward a particular behavior. Instincts are unlearned, inherited fixed action patterns of responses or reactions to certain kinds of stimuli. It is a strong natural impulse or a biological drive to survive. An Examples of instinctual fixed action patterns can be observed in the behavior of animals, which perform various activities (sometimes complex) that are not based upon prior experience and do not depend on emotion or learning.

It is the same way in Humans. God pre-wired every created being to praise and worship Him. Worship is an integral part of a culture, for everyone has worshipped something or someone. It is inborn in all humans to want to praise and worship.

Our problem has been to value the Creator in our worship.

Generally, we worship, esteem, invest in the thing we most value, and are driven to seek it out with all of our substance – spirit, soul, body, and goods (time and money). We are good at it! We will buy the clothes, spend time, and go far out of the way to do or see whoever or whatever we praise or worship.

But we do NOT show forth genuine praise and worship to our Lord. The scripture tells us to praise the Lord in spirit and in truth. Do we do that? We have the basic instinct to do so! It drives us to praise and worship all day long. I know you sense it. It’s a part of life. You can never run away from it. Praise and Worship is everywhere.

We just haven’t made a decision – no time like the present – to believe in the utterance of praise and the bowing of worship, and when you do, your life will never be the same again.

Now stop resisting your God given inborn disposition.

Hallelujah for Intimacy with God!

Watch this praise song called “Will You Worship?”

Until next time, continue to be blessed and Praise the Lord!


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