Praise the Lord Everyone, My Vacation Time is Over!

Praise the Lord everyone my vacation time is over!
Did you have a wonderful time viewing my archives? I really do hope so. They are here to be a blessing to you.
I enjoyed my time with my family, and thank God for that:

Lord, I thank you for keeping my family whole, and intact. For sharing your love with us, so that we may love each other. As we do so, it spills over to friends and strangers. Heavenly Daddy, you are love, and that love has been shed abroad in our hearts through the Holy Spirit. Thanks again for the love and support of my family in Jesus Name.

Go ahead and pray for your family –

  • Be thankful
  • Be Grateful
  • Be Loving

Give your life and all to the Lord!
Watch this song by Kirk Franklin called “My Love, My Life, My All”

Do you love my Heavenly Daddy today? If not, I encourage you to praise Him right now. Please do not just read my words, but truly get God what is due by opening up your mouth and praising Him! Amen.
Glory to His Matchless Name!
There is no one like Him!
Give Him the Glory!
Holy and Righteousness Lord, thanks for my all!
My Love, My Life, and My all are Yours Jesus!

Until next time, continue to be blessed and Praise the Lord!


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