Thank You Lord

“Gratitude to God should be as habitual as the reception of mercies is constant, as ardent as the number of them is great, as devout as the riches of divine grace and goodness is incomprehensible.” – C. Simmons, American Clergy and Litterateur (1798-1856)

Watch this:
Oh Give Thanks by Andre Crouch Sung by Norwegian singers. Ole Borud and Tor-Jorgen Ellingsen in front.


Thank You Lord for Your Kindness and Tender Mercies! They are new to me every morning.

Thank You Lord for Your Love that Never Fails! It is bestowed on me everyday like oil.

Thank You Lord for Your Power and Strength! Without them I will lose heart and faint.

Thank You Lord for Your Excellent Greatness! I can see Your wonders of this world –landscapes of nature, fall painting in colors, and the warmth of home.

Thank You Lord for Your Benefits! Without You, I would have lost my mind, and be sick today.

Thank You Lord for Your Grace! Without You, I deserve to pay for my sins.

Hallelujah Lord Jesus! Your blood is on the mercy seat for me.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!

Are you thankful to God today? I hope so!
Let me share something with you that very simple:
Gratefulness leads to Thankfulness

Thankfulness leads to Praise towards God

Praise leads to Worship towards God

Worship leads to Your Obedience of His Word

Obedience leads to Your Servanthood

Servanthood leads to Your Righteousness

Righteousness leads to Your Gratitude to God.
Did you get it? Gratitude and Gratefulness means the same thing. This is a continuous circle of merit towards our Maker, Elohim, just like your wedding rings; a loyal unbreakable covenant of love.

If you are grateful, you will have the feeling or expression of thanks.

If you are thankful, you will appreciate and honor God with your praise.

If you can praise God, you will have no setback in worshipping Him in spirit and in truth.

If you will worship God, you will never have a problem obeying His voice.

If you are an obedient child of His, you will never walk in your own ways, but will keep all of His commands and be a happy servant.

If you are a happy servant, your ways of doing things and being right comes from Him.

If you are the righteous in God’s sight, you will have no difficulty giving credit to God who has made all things; gratitude is due to him.

Watch this:
Give Thanks by Don Moen

Are you ready to give God your best praise today?

Then leave a comment of praise and telling me so.

Until next time, continue to be blessed and Praise the Lord!


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