Two Great Examples of Praise: Jesus Christ and Moms

There is a song sung by Shirley Caesar called ‘No Charge,’ that my Mother sung to my brother in a talent show when I was a little girl at church. I think of her everytime this song is played on the radio. I hope that this is a blessing to you, as you listen to the words and feel the love of every Mom’s heart. This song is a tribute to you Mom, Madeline, and to all the Mothers that visit my blog on daily basics:

Praise the Lord for Nurturing Mothers. They are needed in this world. Thank God, if you are one. What a joy!

Yesterday, we got Directions to the Father’s House from radio email sent to me a week years ago, and today, I have another great poem from them. It is called ‘The Many Names of Christ’ by an unknown author.


To the ARTIST, He is the One Altogether Lovely.

To the ARCHITECT, He is the Chief Corner Stone.

To the BAKER, He is the Living Bread.

To the BANKER, He is the Hidden Treasure.

To the BIOLOGIST, He is the Life.

To the BUILDER, He is the Sure Foundation.

To the CARPENTER, He is the Door.

To the DOCTOR, He is the Great Physician.

To the EDUCATOR, He is the Great Teacher.

To the ENGINEER, He is the New and Living Way.

To the FLORIST, He is the Rose of Sharon and the Lily of the Valley.

To the GEOLOGIST, He is the Rock of Ages.

To the HORTICULTURIST, He is the True Vine.

To the JUDGE, He is the Righteous Judge, Judge of All Men.

To the JEWELER, He is the Pearl of Great Price.

To the LAWYER, He is the Counselor, the Lawgiver, the Advocate.

To the NEWSPAPER, He is the Good Tidings of Great Joy.

To the OCULIST, He is the Light of the Eyes.

To the PHILANTHROPIST, He is the Unspeakable Gift.

To the PHILOSOPHER, He is the Wisdom of God.

To the PREACHER, He is the Word of God.

To the SCULPTOR, He is the Living Stone.

To the SERVANT, He is the Good Master.

To the STATESMAN, He is the Desire of All Nations.

To the STUDENT, He is the Incarnate Truth.

To the THEOLOGIAN, He is the Author and Finisher of our Faith.

To the TOILER, He is the Giver of Rest.

To the SINNER, He is the Lamb of God that taketh away the sins of the World.

To the CHRISTIAN, He is the Son of the Living God, the Savior, the Redeemer and the Lord.

In comparison, this poem shows the many hats that Moms take onto themselves (I’m sure you can think of at least 10), and today is their day to be praised. 

I’m not calling mothers, Jesus or vice versus, so let get that straight and out of the way. All I’m saying, you can call on Moms to help with many needs in your life and the Lord use them mightily in this world. Do something nice, no matter how you feel about it – your biological, adopted, substitute, or godmom. It is a sacrifice, just like your praise to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

To me…Jesus Christ is the entire above poem and more; He is my everything, my all in all! I cannot live without Him; for He is the essence of my being. Lord God, I give you all of the glory and honor. To stand in awe of your presence, I say ‘Hallelujah,’ and worship You my Lord.

Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lamb of God!!!

The precious blood of Jesus Christ, I am healed and set free to worship without hesitation.

I love you Lord God.

What is Christ to you?

Praising the Lord is simple, and takes little to no effort; for those of you who love the Lord with your all and all. If you are here for the first time, I will encourage you to read my old blog post through my archives on praise. There you will find help for your learning. This is what this blog is all about – learning praise and worship towards our God!
Have you been thinking about the question, are you going to answer me this time? I would like for you to leave a comment of praise. Not for my benefit, but for yours.

Watch this youtube video by Micah Stampley called ‘I Believe,’ I will ask again:

Lord, I believe everything that Your word says! I trust you today and always.

Glory to God!

What is Christ to you? Leave your answer in the comment of praise.

Until next time, continue to be blessed and Praise the Lord!


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