Testimony of Praise

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Watch this praise song to stir your heart:
Hallelujah Praise by CeCe Winans

Get Your Praise On……

Do you have breath? Yes, you do!

Praise the Lord!


Get up from the Computer, and Praise Your God!

He is Worthy! Amen.

There are two times to praise the Lord:

(1) When you feel like praising the Lord
(2) When you don’t feel like praising the Lord

It’s just that simple. Indeed, the Lord is to be praised when you feel joy in your soul, joy of spirit, and laughter because of His presence and His victories. But praise is especially for those times when you don’t feel like it.

Here is a true story:

“I had a new job with greater responsibilities, and it seemed impossible for me to learn the new job and be able to feel that I was doing it adequately. Well, one night, I decided to quit begging God to remove the difficult situation, and to try very hard not to complain, but rather praise the Lord anyhow.

So I went down the row of machines in the plastics department, doing my inspection. It seemed that everything went wrong. I was behind in my inspection, and late for everything. As more things piled up, I started laughing! I praised the Lord and said, ‘Lord, I can’t help but laugh. The situation is so impossible, it’s funny!’

Even though I laughed and praised Him, the situation did not change, believe me. Instead, it seemed to grow even worse, if that’s possible. But nevertheless, I found a new strength, courage, and release in my Spirit to meet the challenge. Since then, the job is still not any less demanding, but I have found even more strength and courage than before. Indeed, the joy of the Lord is my strength. So I’m learning to praise Him daily, regardless of the situation.

By far, the hardest thing for me to praise the Lord for was loneliness. I had always wanted to be married, and I kept asking, ‘Why not, Lord?’ I grew discontented, bitter, cynical, and disenchanted with my life in Christ.

One day at home, I was complaining in my usual way, when it occurred to me that I should praise the Lord in spite of it all. The very moment I opened my mouth and said, ‘Praise you, Jesus, in spite of my not having a home and family,’ I felt immediate release in my spirit and joy started flowing. I had never before thought to praise God in spite of it all. It works, and I’m thrilled! Praise His lovely Name! It’s now with joy that I’m learning to be content in whatever situation the Lord puts me in. It’s a joy to share this testimony with you.”

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Watch this praise song:

Holy Spirit Come Fill This Place by CeCe Winans

Until next time, continue to be blessed and Praise the Lord!


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