In the Spotlight: Becoming a Praise Warrior

Becoming a Praise Warrior Because Every Prayer Should End In Praise by Adam Houge

Chapter One: Praying in Reverse

God deserves our praise. Given all that He does and has done, we ought to glorify Him with a thankful heart. We worship Him because of His worth-ship.

Look at your life. What is God doing for you rights now? Can your see it? Pray for open eyes, that you may be encouraged by all He does to love you. When you understand how loved you are, it’s hard not praise Him.

Have you been praising Him as You ought of lately? Have you been glorifying  Him through the good and the bad? Your circumstances shouldn’t dictate how you respond to His love. When you allow your circumstances to influence whether or not you worship, your love becomes conditional.

Worship is really just a grateful love song for all the Lord is, does, and has done. But we love Him because He first loved us. As it is written, “We love Him because His first loved us” – 1 John 4:19. Knowing this, reflect on all the ways the Lord has loved you, not only at Calvary but also in how His is expressing His love to you in your life now. If you’re going through a trial and you take the time to reflect on His love and how He is expressing it through your circumstances, you will be encouraged and strengthened to press on. Always remember to do this, that He may encourage you.

God creates all things good. Jesus has promised to take the bad things and make them new and good. Remember that it is written, “Then He who sat on the throne said, ‘Behold, I make all things new.’ And He said to me, ‘Write for these words are true and faithful'” – Revelation 21:5.

Let Him create newness in your life daily as you seek Him. When you open your eyes to His work, it raises your heart up to worship Him. Keep a steady heart of faith at all times, especially when you pray.

Many Christians end their prayers with “amen,” in Jesus’ name,” or “I believe.” But you should begin your prayers with the end in mind – and that end is faith. Start every prayer with faith, believing that God’s love will persuade Him to answer you according to your need.

This doesn’t mean that God will always answer us in the manner we expect or within our timeframe. But if we pray from the heart of Christ and not merely from our own heart, we will experience a dramatic difference in our prayer life . So learn to pray through the Spirit. This is done by becoming more attentive to His voice. When you understand how the Spirit is communicating to your heart and listen to Him while you pray, then you will be praying in the Spirit and will pray the messages He lays on your heart.

–This is the end of this book excerpt, but not the end of chapter one.–

I would suggest you to purchase this great book of encouragement and insight on prayer and praise from Amazon (click on image). We need to learn to shift our focus on God and not the problem. Whatever state we find ourselves in, God is still faithful – in the good times and in the bad times. Amen.



About Author: Adam Houge is a preacher, teacher, novelist, and #1 international best-selling author of over 100 books on the Christian faith. With over 1-1/2 million books in print his titles range from devotionals, to Christian inspiration, to prayer books, and inspirational fiction. He is a devoted husband and father of 4 boys. Through his travels he’s seen the need for a new awakening and a new revival: A revival of the heart. Come join Adam on this journey of redemption and experience God like never before!


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