Is Your Heart in Your Worship?

Holy is the Lord, Hallelujah!

Praise Him…Right Now!

He is worthy of our praise! Amen. So you have 6 seconds to get your praise on:

for the Father
for the Son
for the Holy Ghost
for Your Spirit
for Your Soul
for Your Body

Praise is Comely for the Upright. Praise Him with All your might!

For this is Right…what a lovely sight!


Glory, Hallelujah!

Yesterday, did you find your destiny? Worship is tied to it: your final destination in Heaven is to worship. Awesome and Marvelous! All in the same breath.

You should be smiling right about now. You get to rest and dwell in the secret place of the Most High. Where His angels will fly and you get to say Bye-bye to this earth life of pain and unrest.

I just believe this is only a test. Can you take hold and keep your hope; knowing in Him you are sold-out to your victory.

That’s just a little picture of your worship experience in Heaven. By now, you should have an excellent attitude to worship. If not, please watch this youtube video:
Come, Now is the Time to Worship

Come on right, it time to worship. Come on right, it time to check your attitude.

Do you worship with the right attitude? If you can eliminate all false gods, all idols of the true God, and all “do things my way” modes of worship, worship will still be unacceptable if your heart attitude isn’t right. I believe this hits home for most of us. If you do not have a right mental attitude, it’s unacceptable to God! That’s the bottom-line.

God has given us an example of this in the book of Malachi. When you get sometime read the following scriptures: Malachi 1:6-14; 3:13-15; 4:1-6. The prophet Malachi indicted the people of God because of their sin. In this wonderful prophecy he pointed out at least seven monumental sins of which they were guilty. But the one that stands out and dominates them all is that they were involved in worshipping God with the wrong attitude. They were just going through the motions with their hearts far from God.

Guess what? They were worshipping the true God, in the true way, but with the wrong attitude. Their hearts weren’t in it. Now look at your own heart. You say, “Well, I don’t worship false gods – I worship the true God. I haven’t reduced Him to an image, and I haven’t invented my own way of worship. I’m trying to worship according to God’s standards as recorded in His word.”

Now, let me ask you some questions: Is your heart in your worship? When it comes time to give, do you give the best of all you have? When it comes time to make your promises to God, do you make Him the promise that is the most reflective of His magnanimity and generosity? Is your heart filled with awe and reverence? Sorry to tell you this: but if your heart isn’t right, your worship is pointless and unacceptable.

To worship God is the very heart beat or core of a Christian’s response to God. In order word, what does it mean to worship? It’s simply to recognize the value, worth, and glory of God and respond to his call to worship him with all your heart. You can only do this, if you love and appreciate Him.

Glory is due His name every day. Do you think you can give your best praise and worship with the understanding that your attitude has a part to play in your worship of Him?

Until next time, continue to be blessed and Praise the Lord!


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4 thoughts on “Is Your Heart in Your Worship?

  1. I do believe that it is all about attitude. You wouldn’t thank God for things and still be mad, because you feel obligated to do so. If you worship him you should be grateful and give thanks to the Lord. You can’t praise, or worship the Lord without having the correct attitude that is completely and utterly disrespectful.

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