Worship Scripture: Acts 24:11

“Because that thou mayest understand, that there are yet but twelve days since I went up to Jerusalem for to worship.” – Acts 24:11

Pulpit Commentary

Verse 11. – Seeing that thou canst take knowledge for because that thou mayest understand, A.V. and T.R.; it is act more than for there are yet but, A.V.; I went up to worship at Jerusalem for I went up to Jerusalem for to worship, A.V. Twelve days. These days may be thus reckoned:

(1) arrival at Jerusalem (Acts 21:15);

(2) Visit to James and the ciders (Acts 21:18);

(3) first day of purification (Acts 21:26);

(4) second day of purification;

(5) the third day;

(6) the fourth day;

(7) the fifth day, when the tumult took place (Acts 21:27);

(8) Paul brought before the Sanhedrim;

(9) the conspiracy of the forty Jews, Paul leaves Jerusalem for Caesarea – the first of the five days mentioned in Acts 24:1;

(10) arrival of St. Paul” next day” at Caesarea, and lodged in the pretorium – second of the five days (Acts 23:32, 35);

(11) Paul in Herod’s judgment hall – third of the five days;

(12) ditto – fourth of the five days;

(13) the current day, being also the fifth day of those mentioned in Acts 24:1. The mention of the brief time of twelve days shows the narrow limits of time within which the crime must have been committed, while the adroit mention of the purpose of his visit, to worship, would show how unlikely it was that he should have gone with any evil intent.

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