What is Worship?

What is worship? Let me give you a quick definition: worship is to respect and give honor to a divine superior being, God.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary describes worship in two forms:

  1. A noun (noun is a word that is the subject of discourse—person, place, or thing) Form: worshiper or worshipper 1: a person of importance—used as a title for officials 2: reverence toward a divine being or supernatural power; also: the expression of such reverence. 3: extravagant respect or admiration or devotion.
  2. A verb (verb is a word that is grammatical center of a predicate and expresses an act—action or inactivity of a person, place, or thing) Form: worshipped or worshiped; worshipping or worshiping 1: to honor or reverence as a divine being or supernatural power 2: IDOLIZE 3: to perform or take part in worship.

I would like to express another definition for you about worship and that is:

Worship means to give homage, honor, reverence, respect, adoration, praise, or glory to the Creator, God. In scriptures, the word “worship” is used at random to refer to the homage, given to idols, materials things, or the only true God. This term literally means to depress or prostrate oneself, and is translated in the King James Version of the Old Testament, as Shachah.

Strong’s Hebrew: 7812. שָׁחָה (shachah) — to bow down

Before the 12th century and from Old English, this word was spelled as “weorthscipe;” worthiness, respect, from weorth means worthy, and  the last part, -scipe, means ship. In the beginning of the 13th century, it was changed to “worshipe.” Why so must attend to the spelling of worship? I guess it was the value of the term usage –  “weorth” coming from Old English; which expressed how you see things, or what is deserving of our attention.

Do you think that God is to be respected or have sum value? I hope you believe, and compare it to finding a great treasure of all kinds of minerals – gold, silver, gemstone, etc. How much is that worth to you? The worthiness of such praise gives value in your mind deep down to your heart. It hold a high regard, honor, or respect. It is the same as we worship God our Creator.

“O come, let us worship and bow down: let us kneel before the LORD our maker.” – Psalm 95:6

We are to rendered worship only to God, (Exodus 20:3; Deuteronomy 5:7; 6:13; Matthew 4:10; Luke 4:8; John 1:1,14) and do what is acceptable to Him in our worship (Genesis 4:4; Luke 1:25). It must be honest and genuine, in your heart and motive, before you can come in God’s present (John 4:23-24). You cannot express worship without first praising Him. Praise is the act of worship.

I hope this is your desire by coming to this website; to learn about praise and worship. In truth and understanding, you can love God with all of heart, mind, and spirit.


Until next time, continue to be blessed and Praise the Lord!


Reference: Worship. Retrieved 2008. 1995 Webster’s New American Dictionary p.609 updated Merriam-Webster.com 2016. http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/worship

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All bible scripture are from the King James version, unless otherwise expressed.

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