Praise: I will bless you Lord!

For months, I have been writing about praise. What is praise, the purpose of praise, when to praise God, why praise God, and How to praise God?

I hoped that it has been encouraging to you. Please let me know by sending me a message: ilovepraiseandworship (at) If this is your first-time with us, I encourage you to read our archives. There you will find all of this great information, plus new Hebrew words for praise.

Praise the Lord at all times, in all circumstances, and in every situation. The Lord is worthy to be praise, Amen. The bible said that praise is comely for the upright; which you are. Continue praising Him, because it is due daily. Right!

Did you praise him today?

Let’s praise Him a little bit right now. You have 6 second to give your best praise to your Maker. 6…5…4…3…2…1


God is worthy of our praise, today and always.

I refuse to let stones cry out for me (Luke 19:40). What about you?

He created you and I to give God praise and worship. If you want to please Him, start praising Him now. What are you waiting for? I said right now! He is worthy! He is glorious! It’s not in your feelings. It’s in your obedient to who He is. Right!

Todah, Tehillah, Halal, or Karar the Lord, our Creator!

Praise the Lord!

You do not need my help, but everyone need a little encouragement on what should come naturally  – to every Believer in Christ Jesus.

Watch this youtube vide0:

I wanna be more like you , I will bless the Lord by Clint Brown

Will you bless the Lord now? I hope so.

Lift you hands and bless the Lord. Glory!

It’s just you and God…bless the Lord!

Sing: I will bless you Lord

With all of my praise, I will bless you Lord!

Always, I will bless you Lord

Praising God is wonderful, Isn’t it? I think so. Praising has been the easy part. Why do I say this? Everyone praise! Praise is nothing more than an outward expression of your inward faith. In other words, whatever you believe you express it in actions. This is in general, if you cannot praise God, you will never worship Him. When you become a follower of Christ, satan tricks you into believing that we don’t have to praise anymore. So you stop praising. Praise is reserved for ballgames, concerts, and other idols. If you cannot praise him, then you should not be praising God; especially not Jesus. Do you see that? If he can stop your praise, you will not be worshipping Elohim, God Almighty, either.

Praising is very important, and learning about it has and will do wonders for your life. I hope you have understanded my point and expressions over these few months about this topic: PRAISE! I believe that I should move forward next week with the topic on worship.

Just like I did before with praise, I will do the same with worship.

What is worship, the purpose of worship, when to worship God, why worship God, and How to worship God, and a few more? Stick around to found out what I have to say about worship, ok!

Until next time, continue to be blessed and Praise the Lord!


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