Free Worship Streaming Service!

All Worship Commercial Free Christian MusicDo you like freebies? I know I love them. I have a wonderful streaming service just for you!

Have you heard on the Christian Radio Station called All Worship. It is a not-for-profit streaming station found only on the web. They have broadcast on the internet for 12 years. is a commercial free Christian music streaming service that is absolutely free to listen too. No Fees, whatsoever!

I urge you to check this service out! I have enjoyed myself praising and worshipping the Lord with the great streaming ministry.

AllWorship is 100% funded by donations from listeners, who will be upgrade to the premium (64 Kbps) just for helping the ministry to reach their monthly financial obligations. If you give, it is tax-deductible since they are 501 (c) corporation.

The four worship streams are Contemporary, Instrumental, Praise, and Spanish.

Contemporary Christian Music – a genre of modern popular music which is lyrically focused on matters concerned with the Christian faith.

Instrumental Christian Music – a genre of all Christian music that will bring peace and healing to your soul. Calm your spirit as you spend time soaking in His presence.

Praise And Worship Christian Music – a genre of engaging in a conversation of the heart, spoken or unspoken towards God, our Heavenly Father or Jesus, our Lord and Savior.

Spanish Christian Music – a genre of all Christian music spoken only in Spanish, and focused on the matters with the Spanish Community and their Christian faith.

As you can see, you do have a good choice to choose from this streaming service. I personally listen to instrumental and praise streams, but the other streams are just as great!

You do not have to upgrade to 64 Kbps streams, you can continue with the basic worship streams by playing it on their website at, listen in window media player, or mp3 format. Now, they have all new app for your mobile device. It is available on iTunes and Google play store.

You will not be disappointed, but will feel grateful for the exclusive Christian radio station; a station that give all the glory and honor to God. You know that is a blessing! A focus for you to praise and worship God without hesitation.

Check this station Out and Be Blessed!

AllWorship is a great Christian Streaming Radio Station and I will give it a rating of “A

If you agree with me, give some praise in the comment area. Thanks!

This is my opinion, and they ( have not given me anything to review their station. I just wanted to share this great station with my viewers. It is truly a blessing for the heart!

If you would like to give now to, click here. There address for mailing donations:

All Worship

9340 Helena Rd Suite F-121

Birmingham, AL 35244  USA



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