Study: Shabach, Sing Loudly to the Lord

Hallelujah, the Lord God Almighty is Good to All!

Shabach the Lord with me today!

Do you know what shabach mean? If not, that’s OK!

You have come to the right place to learn how to praise and worship our creator, and learn some Hebrews words that will help you to express your worship to God in its fullness.


You can begin the life of praise today! If that your desire, let’s start right now.

I have already went over some words of praise that will catapult you to the life of praise. Let’s Review some of the Hebrew words:


Yadah, lift up your hands

Towdah, extend your hands in thanksgiving to the Lord

Tehillah, to sing or laud

Ruwa, to shout in alarming split the ears sound, just like blowing a trumpet


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You may have heard about this word, Shabach, before. It is a common word in many worship services; especially in songs.

Let’s Watch this Youtube Video by Soul Children of Chicago singing a song called Shabach

The children are singing and expressing these Hebrew words taught on this blog.

Are you going to let these children out-do your praise today? I hope not. You have 10 seconds to whip out your praise towards God!

Yadah the Lord, and praise Him!

You Lord are my rock and fortress in you do I trust.

Holy and righteous are your Lord.

You are amazing, remarkable God, there is no one like you.

You loving me is so amazing.


Worthy is the lamb to receive me just as I am. Hallelujah!

Towdah the Lord, and praise Him!

Thanks for loving me, when I could not love myself.

I dwell in your secret place, oh God, where you protect me from the evil one.

I thank you for your angels that watch me daily, least I fall.

I appreciate you, Lord, for everything!

If this is your first time with us, I will tell you what praise is?

Praise is nothing more than the outward expression of your inner faith. You believe that God is taking care of you. You trust Him more than life itself. So….you Praise Him! Daily! It’s a part of your faith lifestyle.

It takes faith to praise God in every situation, and stopping by this blog, you have a desire to learn more about praise and worship.

That’s wonderful!!! – God cares about our desires (Psalm 37:4).

Did you see the excitement in the children’s eyes? Oh, how I want to see adults praise the Lord in the same manner.

Don Gossett expresses this for every believer in Christ in his book called “Praise Avenue”.

“Every born-again Christian needs to get into the believing and praising habit…if you lack faith that brings miracles, then I suggest that your try the following steps: 1) Read Your Bible often 2) try to get to into as much  good Christian fellowship as possible 3) begin to exercise your faith 4) Last, and perhaps most important, begin to praise God in all things”

That’s an excellent plan of action. Are you ready to shabach God?

Yes you are! I know you cannot wait. That’s a good sign, but I must first tell you what this Hebrew word means?

Shabach means “to shout, to address in a loud tone, to command, to triumph”.

This act of worship can be done in church service or at home. Children love to shabach God, just like the Soul Children of Chicago choir shown above. Because of my short time frame today, I will just give you the scriptures, and you can look them up for yourself. Here they are: Psalms 63:1-4, Psalms 117:1, Psalms 35:27, Psalms 145:4, and Isaiah 12:6.


Tehillah and Shabach our Lord right now, click on this youtube video:

Aaron Pelsue Band singing a song called Shabach

Sing and Dance in Jesus Name. Amen.


Until next time, continue to be blessed and Praise the Lord!


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