Don’t Panic, Praise the Lord (Part 4)

When you are going through problems “Don’t Panic – Praise!”

Because He is present in the atmosphere of true Bible praise, sinners are saved, people are healed, believers are baptized in the Holy Spirit, and all are blessed.

Such is the power of praise. And after I read Reg Layzell’s comments on the subject, my mind went back to a prayer meeting I had attended when God had been teaching me some early lessons on praise. During the meeting, a gentleman stood up and started to recite a long list of trials, tribulations, woes, and troubles which he was encountering on the way to heaven. I couldn’t have sympathized with him more as I sat there and listened.

After this gentleman sat down, another stood up and said, “I see that our friend here is living on sat down, another stood up and said, “I see that our friend here is living on Grumbling Street. Every day of life there is a struggle. I used to live on Grumbling Street too.” He went on to explain how gloomy his life used to be: how poor his health, how joyless his outlook, how depressed his mentality. “But finally, I moved onto Praise Avenue,” he said with a grin. “And ever since that move, I’ve had a lot more sunshine, the air is better – even my health is improved!”

I was deeply stirred, and disturbed at the same time, because I recognized that I was sometimes like the first man who was living on Grumbling Street.

How much of my life had been spent in praising God, compared to the times spent in fruitless expression of discontent? I was ashamed to admit that I had given more of my time to worrying than to praising my Creator.

As I mulled over these things on my way home, I thought about the Hebrews as they traveled through the wilderness with Moses. There was a multitude of people whom God had delivered from bondage in Egypt. He had parted the Red Sea for their escape; He had miraculously fed them with manna. But still they insisted on complaining.

They were in a vicious cycle. They complained because they weren’t contented. And when God punished them for this attitude, they then complained all the more. God then had to punish them for their increased complaining. And so on it went.

No wonder life didn’t get better! No wonder they spent forty years wandering through the desert! All that God required of them was obedience, praise, and worship; yet they failed.

The more I thought about it, the more uncomfortable I felt. Here I was, a Christian who had been brought of the bondage of sin by Jesus; I had been fed, clothed, and taken care of; yet I hadn’t been praising Him as I should. Maybe the second gentleman was right. Maybe things would get better if I would just begin praising God more consistently.

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Until next time, continue to be blessed and Praise the Lord!


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