Don’t Panic, Praise the Lord (Part 3)

When you are going through problems “Don’t Panic – Praise!”

This was a revolutionary thought. Even though God is high and lifted up, He will actually dwell (and manifest Himself) where praise ascends to Him! The thoughts tumbled through Reg’s mind in rapid succession:

“If He dwells in praise, then the thing I must do is fill this building with praise, and God will come down and live in it.”

Reg decided to take action. If his thought was form God, then it would work; if not, he would find out quickly enough. Since he was such a dismal failure, he has nothing to lose. And he had everything to gain if it was true.

So, in simple obedience to the Word of God, and with implicit faith in the teaching of that verse, he began to praise the Lord, even though he felt depressed and discouraged.

Fortunately, he was alone; otherwise the embarrassment of raising his hands and praising God aloud might have been too much to bear. This was especially true since his entire nature and background were diametrically opposed to this type of practice; he was a composed, staid, solemn Englishman.

After a session of praise in a small study room, he ventured into the church. “I certainly need God at the pulpit,” he admitted, “so I’ll go up there and praise the Lord.” And that is just what he did.

After that, he said, “The pianist is rather dead too,” so he went around and around the piano with praises, trusting God to come down and dwell there also.

Up and down each aisle, in and out between the pews, downstairs in every room (including the washrooms) he went, praising God constantly.

The hours of the afternoon rolled by, yet he still walked through the building, audibly praising God. With each passing hour, self-consciousness lessened and the praises grew louder. Supper hour came and went unheeded; the praises continued.

It had been a deliberate decision to act by sheer, raw faith, absolutely devoid of any feelings. He knew only one thing: God’s Word said that He would dwell in praise, and He was going to “put it to the test.”

About seven o’clock, others started arriving at the church to pray before the service; Reg knelt at the altar and praised the Lord a little longer.
A few minutes later, he began the service with the singing of the hymn, There is Power in the Blood. They had sung only the first verse when all of a sudden a woman lifted her hands to God in praise, and was mightily baptized in the Holy Spirit. From that moment, the revival was on.

To some, it might seem incredible that such a transition from abject failure to glorious revival could take place through the revelation of one verse of scripture. But miracles are bound to happen when anyone really believes the Word of God.

Reg, who later became founder and pastor of Glad Tidings Temple, one of the greatest churches in the Canadian West, explains his convictions about praise this way:

On more than one occasion, I have said that if I should be limited to one subject in my preaching, I would choose, without hesitation, the subject of praising Jesus. This would be for various reasons.

First, I owe everything to Jesus and His mercy. If it were not for Jesus, I would still be in my sins and lost. I am sure that, but for Jesus, I would be dead and in hell. Jesus has done everything for me and I can’t praise Him too much.

I also find that the Word of God, which is our guide to life, tells us to praise Him in many things and at all times. There are probably more passages on praise and worship in the Bible, than on any other single subject.

I have found that in the preaching and practicing of praising Jesus, every avenue of the Gospel is effective. Jesus inhabits the praises of Israel. Because He is present in the atmosphere of true Bible praise, sinners are saved, people are healed, believers are baptized in the Holy Spirit, and all are blessed.

This is the end of Part 3 from the book “Praise Avenue by Don Gossett” to continue reading Chapter One: Don’t Panic – Praise. Click Here.

All rights reserved by Whitaker House; Copyright 1976 by Don Gossett ISBN: 0-88368-059-9

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