Don’t Panic, Praise the Lord (Part 2)

When you are going through problems “Don’t Panic – Praise!”

When the car stopped rolling, it turned out that I was trapped inside. The cold trickle of gasoline was running over my body.

I could smell the pungent fumes as I lay there pinned in the wreakage. Immediately, though the Holy Spirit reminded me to offer up praises to God. Fully confident that God was in control of that situation, I obeyed.

Lying there quietly praising the Lord, I heard a man outside the car say, “We’d better get that guy out fast! That gas could ignite any minute and burn him alive!” It might sound strange to some people, but I can honestly say that I wasn’t worried. Knowing the Lord would preserve me, I just lay back and waited patiently for the men to pry the wreckage open so that I could get out. When they finally got me out, all I could do was stand there and thank God for. His mighty protection. Scores of people saw how that Oldsmobile was smashed and battered, they asked, “Who go killed?” “Who was in it?”

Each time, I would step up to them and say, “I’m the one who was in the car. The Lord has kept His hand on me, and here I stand.” I don’t think I’ve seen so many surprised faces in all my life before or since then. “But can praise really change things?” you ask. Some years back, I would never have thought of the questions—let alone successfully answered it. Yet, through the years, and time after time, I have found that praise really works miracles.

I am not alone in this discovery. Reginald Layzell was a successful sales manager for a large office supplies company in Toronto, Ontario, when he went west for a series of speaking engagements at a church in Abbotsford, British Columbia. Although prominent in business, Reg often took time to do lay preaching.

Reg tried hard, but the first talks seemed to fall on deaf ears. Admitting that his meetings were a failure, Reg restored to prayer and fasting. When that didn’t seem to help, he considered the idea of closing his meetings and going home.

On the first day of prayer, however, something happened. A text from the Psalms burst on his memory. He didn’t know it was Psalm 22:3, but the words of the verse were brought to his memory by the Holy Spirit, and he knew that he had read it before:

But thou art holy. O thou that inhabits the praises of Israel.

At first, Reg thought only about the first part of the verse – about how holy God is. But then the Holy Spirit led him on to the second half of the verse, where the Psalmist refers to God as the one “who inhabitest the praises of Israel.” Suddenly, the heavens seemed to open, and the full impact of that verse emblazoned itself upon his mind: God actually lives in the praises of His people!

This was a revolutionary thought. Even though God is high and lifted up, He will actually dwell (and manifest Himself) where praise ascends to Him! The thoughts tumbled through Reg’s mind in rapid succession:

This is the end of part 2 form the book “Praise Avenue by Don Gossett” to continue reading Chapter One: Don’t Panic – Praise. Click Here.

All rights reserved by Whitaker House; Copyright 1976 by Don Gossett ISBN: 0-88368-059-9

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