Don’t Panic, Praise the Lord (Part 1)

When you are going through problems “DON’T PANIC—PRAISE!”

I was impressed in my spirit to type an excerpt from a book called “Praise Avenue” by Don Gossett.

You cannot get this book in your local store, because it is out of publication. This book was published by Whitaker House, and copyrighted by Don Gossett in 1976.

The book is amazing, and I hope you will be blessed by just reading the first chapter. Don Gossett will show you how to stay on “Praise Avenue” as he calls it, and off “Grumbling Street.” He also said, “The Power of Praise can revolutionize your life.” And I believe every word. Let me know your opinion by posting your comment below.

Chapter one: Don’t Panic-Praise

Hurled for the car, I smashed into a snowbank and felt more than two tons of automobile rolling over me. Weakly, I gasped out the words, “Lord, help me! Don’t let me die!” Then, from somewhere, came the strong impression: “But you’re not going to die.” “Not going to die?” I thought. “Better to die than to be crippled for life.” Slowly and painfully pulling myself from the snowbank, I was amazed that I could stand. As I stood there looking at the car that had rolled farther down the hill, I began to feel my body from broken bones. I rubbed my hands over my face and neck, looking for signs of blood.

There was none! Just then, a group of highway workmen came rushing toward me. They were shocked to see me standing there alive, let alone uninjured—especially since the accident had demolished my aging Buick. “Nuthin” but pure luck” one of the men exclaimed. “Do you realize that car rolled right over top of you? You oughta be dead!” With as much of a smile as I could muster, I told them that it wasn’t luck that had pulled me through, but the Lord who had protected me.

Little by little, I began to grasp that fact more and more. God—that great big God—was taking care of me—Don Gossett! Seeing that clearly, I decided there was no point in worrying about anything. If God was looking after me, then I should praise Him in every situation. Through the years, that conviction has grown. I’ve been in all kinds of situations that weren’t very conducive to praising God. But I’ve become so convinced about the power of praise that very few things upset me anymore.

Sometime after the first wreck, for instance, I had another serious accident while enroute to Chicago. This time I noticed how natural praising God had become. As my car slid off the highway and rolled end over end, my helpless body was tossed from the front seat into the back seat. When the car stopped rolling, it turned out that I was trapped inside. The cold trickle of gasoline was running over my body.

This is the end of part 1 from the book “Praise Avenue by Don Gossett” to continue reading Chapter One: Don’t Panic – Praise. Click Here.

All rights reserved by Whitaker House; Copyright 1976 by Don Gossett ISBN: 0-88368-059-9

Share your thoughts about this article below. It will encourage others in the Lord, plus I would love to read it. Thanks for your cooperation.

Until next time, continue to be blessed and Praise the Lord!


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The Power of Praise Can Revolutionize Your Life!

Praise can change your life! In fact, it’s impossible to overestimate the power, victory, blessing, healing, and inspiration available to you through the simple decision to praise God more and worry and complain less.

In this book, Don Gossett shares his experiences with the powerful practice of praise so that you can…

Live in good health and success
Defeat discouragement
Overcome financial obstacles
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Don’s message has been an inspiration to millions around the world. Now, you, too, can unlock the secrets of living a life of praise.

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