Heart Issues? Learn to Praise the Lord

(I’m not talking about physical symptoms, but spiritual symptoms)

Are you still having heart issues? Need some encouragement in this area of praise? It is strongly recommended that you purchase some books on this topic. Read them, and look up their references for yourself. I do not agree with everything written in the books, but I want your soulish part of you to get an understanding. Please get this part out of the way, so your inward man can flourish in praise and worship. If you haven’t praise and worship the Lord before reading this article, please read something about this topic. This will help you to catch –up with the rest of us. Praising and Worshipping the Lord is Wonderful! To learn and to do all that is written in the eleven commandments? To be free to dance in worship service! Yes, one of those commandments is the “DANCE”. Did you see the movie called Evan Almighty? If you did, you will understand that I’m just kidding!
Anyway, here is a list of books to get you started:

Praise Avenue by Don Gossett
True Worship by John Mac Arthur
A Heart of Worship by LaMar Boschman
Daily in His Presence by Andrew Murray
Worship Old & New by Robert E. Webber
The Worship Answer Book by Rick Muchow
The Pursuit of Man by A. W. Tozer

These books will help you with your understand for the reason to praise & worship the Master of the Universe. And give you an insight into why I love to praise and give thanks to our Lord and Heavenly Father?

My purpose is to force you to make a decision about whether you’re going to praise and worship God or not. These books will also force you to correct your actions in this area, or just dismiss your duty to praise God. By reading this books, I hope that the eyes of your understand be enlightened, and filled with the glory of God that you burst forth in praise, and from now on, you will praise the Lord all the time (at appropriate times a course) – at home, at work, in school, riding to soccer practice too! All you have to do is to think about God’s goodness, and then you will want to praise Him.

Do you know that Praise is founded in the Holy Bible 302 times and in 259 verses? What do you think God is telling us? Yes, Praise is important. I encourage you to learn about Praise in the Hebrew and Greek languages. They will give more detail information on the word praise. I will share some of them with you very soon. I would like for you to learn them and share with others. Tell them about this blog too! Thanks, I appreciated!

RECAP – This is the bottom line on this word “praise”:

1) It must be a desire in your heart to do. We all praise someone or something, but you have to make a decision to praise God daily.

2) You have to have the right motive for praising God. This is not you chance to be seen by others, or think that you are more spiritual if you do it. No! Remember God is looking at your heart. So before you praise, check your attitude.

3) You are commanded to do so (Psalms 150:6). Let everything that has breathe Praise the Lord. That means you, me, plants, and animals. Everything!

Until next time, continue to be blessed and Praise the Lord!


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Praise can change your life! In fact, it’s impossible to overestimate the power, victory, blessing, healing, and inspiration available to you through the simple decision to praise God more and worry and complain less.In this book, Don Gossett shares his experiences with the powerful practice of praise so that you can…

Live in good health and success
Defeat discouragement
Overcome financial obstacles
Receive spiritual protection for your family
Experience God’s will for your future

Don’s message has been an inspiration to millions around the world. Now, you, too, can unlock the secrets of living a life of praise.

John 4:20-24 is going to be the touchstone for your study of worship from the book.  John 4:20-24 is the most significant New Testament passage on the subject of worship – so we must understand its truths. John MacArthur share an in depth bible study of these passages of scriptures.The word “worship” appears eight times in this passage. Therefore, it is essential that we understand what our Lord is saying here about true worship.

All bible scripture are from the King James version, unless otherwise expressed.

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