Take Time to Praise the Lord

“This is the day which the LORD hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.” – Psalm 118:24

Just think about God, and all of His goodness to You.
He woke you up this morning.
All of You Limbes are functioning properly.
You are in Your right Mind.

He is soooo good!

Did I shock your mind? I hope so. This word is like stretching exercises.

Did you sing to the Lord today by giving Him your best praise? If you read the previous article posted called Can you Praise God with a Pure Heart? We started to sing; which is one form of praise. Singing will help you, if this is your first time doing this. Purchase some Christian music that sing directly to God or Jesus that will help you in your praise & worship experience with God. I encourage you to purchase as many as you can, and then check your attitude. Why? Your heart attitude is key to getting God’s attention, then you will feel the anointing rest in your presence.

A pure heart is nothing more than being real with God, and not pretending to honor and adore Him. Remember!

Are you ready to praise? I know I am! Join with me, as we take one minute to praise God, Jesus, The Lord, Father, and Savior!

🙂 Smile and lets GOOOO (Praise Him):

Lord you are so good to me!

I will praise you, as long as I lived on the earth. This is my purpose.

Because of you Jesus, I’m still moving and have my being.

Heavenly Father, thank you for Your Grace & Mercy, without it, I would be lost.

Because of who You are to me, Lord, I give you glory and honor.

There is no one like you, God, who searches on this earth, looking for those who inhabits praise. There is no one greater.

Worthy is the Lamb (Jesus) who was slain for me. Your blood has washed me clean, as white as snow.

I need you, my Lord and Savior. I acknowledge you in all my ways, and then you will direct my path into victories.

I worship you Jesus, and glorified your name; the Name above all other names.

Holy, Holy, Holy Father. Hallelujah! Glory!


Wasn’t that exciting! The Lord is good, and He loves you. It is His pleasure to bless you, when you praise Him. We stand in total victory in every area of our lives, when we praise.

Psalm 33:1 in the Amplified Bible states,

“Rejoice in the Lord, O you [uncompromisingly] righteous [you right upright in standing with God]; for praise is becoming and appropriate for those who are upright [in heart].”

The praise of the heart brings cheer to God’s ears, for His people sound best when they glorify Him. Praise is an action that must be done by you, and only you!

If you cannot praise the Lord, check your attitude. It is the key to your success.

A pure heart and praise are like wonder twins. You cannot access one without the other, when it comes to worshipping God. He knows the heart and the motive of everyone, and is continually looking for those who will worship in spirit and truth (John 4:24).

So…do me a favor? Take Time to Praise God Daily. You will see your life change for the better. Trust me.

Your focus on life will change (just from praising and worshipping our Creator), and then you will experience God like never before.

Share your thoughts about this article below. It will encourage others in the Lord, plus I would love to read it. Thanks for your cooperation.

Until next time, continue to be blessed and Praise the Lord!


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